Places to see

Bo Nau Cave

Halong Bay’s limestone islands are dotted with caves of all sizes and shapes. Most of these are accessible only by chaerter boat, but some can easily be visited on tour. The most famous and beautiful caves in Halong bay are Sung Sot cave (Amazing cave), Thien Cung cave (Heaven chamber cave), Dau Go cave (Drift

Sung Sot Cave (Surprise Grotto)

Location Situated in the centre of the UNESCO-declared World Heritage area, the Sung Sot or Surprise Grotto is on Bo Hon Island, and is one of the finest and widest grottoes of Halong Bay. Ascending to the grotto, the way is covered by trees and foliage, and consists of great paved stone blocks. Sung Sot Cave

Bai Chay Beach

Overview Bai Chay is a large, beautiful, artificial beach, closed to the coast of Halong Bay. The 100-meter-wide-sandy beach spans over 500 m. Early in the morning or in late afternoon, thousands of people liven up the atmosphere here. >> Halong bay tours >> Ti Top Beach The asphalt road winds its way through the white sandy

Dau Go Cave

Dau Go cave is divided into three main parts. The exterior is a room with a vault full of natural light. Many forms may be seen in the rock formations of the chamber, depending on the imagination of the visitor of course. Crossing the first chamber, one enters the second chamber through a narrow passage.

Discover Tuan Chau Island On Ha Long Bay

Location Located in the southwest of Halong – Quang Ninh, Tuan Chau Island is the only soil island of 1.969 islands on Halong Bay. With its white sand carpet stretching 6km and blue waters surrounded by 200 hectares of green pine forest, it is blessed with rich natural conditions in term of scenery and climate,

Ti Top Beach

Some 14 km east of Bai Chay is Ti Top Beach, which takes the shape of a crescent encompassing the island. Small though it might be, it wins kudos for its quiet and airy atmosphere, its clean and clear waters, as well as its alluring landscape. >> Places to see in Halong High Lights Unlike many