Halong Snails

Favored by the Mother Nature as an unbelievably beautiful coastal province, Halong is famous for its variety of fresh and delicious seafood specialties such as crabs, prawns, and snails (ốc). >> Hanoi halong bay day trip >> Tu Hai in Halong Visiting any random snail restaurant in Halong, gourmets might be surprised with a very long

Tu Hai in Halong

Tu Hai – the speciality of Van Don Island district Tu Hai is the speciality of Van Don Island district, Halong some other places call it snail spout. It is a type of shellfish, but it is rare and valuable. You can cook soup or salad with “tu hai” or you can steam or bake it.

Halong Bay Oysters

Oysters Like lobster, oyster is one of the famous seafood in Halong. Halong Bay Oysters live on the sandy beaches, seaside quagmire. Oyster, which is high nutritious food, has a hard-shell and the red bowel. >> Halong cuisine >> Ngán in Halong How to cook Oysters The most delicious oysters are the ones living in brackish

Ngán in Halong

Ngán is a mollusk species which is popular in the Northern Vietnam coastal area. Although it can be seen along the coast of the country, Quang Ninh Province, Halong City is where this seafood gets its fame. >> Halong Cuisine >> Halong Prawn This special sea animal has a similar shape to clam, one of its

Gat Gu Cake – Specialty Of Halong Bay

When referring to Halong Bay, Halong cruises come to your mind first. Apart from it, Halong food is also worth a taste. Halong Bay cuisine is staggering but if you just passing through and have to pick up a bite, here is what not to miss. One of the best ways to experience the potency

Western cuisine dishes in Halong Bay

Overview Similar to any other famous tourism cities in the world, besides its delicious local specialties Halong has a wide range of Western cuisine dishes to serve the increasing demand from international passengers. Although there are not so many specialized restaurants for Western cuisine like in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, you might find it

Halong Prawn

Halong is not only proud for being one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, but also one of the most famous destinations for high quality seafood. Among all, the most popular seafood that appears in almost every meal in Halong is prawn. >> Ngán in Halong >> Halong Cuisine Halong Bay fishermen are blessed